The water at Langland and Caswell Bay has been declared polluted and unsafe

The water at Langland and Caswell Bay has been declared polluted and unsafe

Two popular bays in Swansea have been declared unsafe due to high pollution levels.

Waters at Langland and Caswell bay that are situated in the Gower have been given a pollution warning by Safer Seas & Rivers Service.

The warning states that storm sewage has been discharged from a sewer overflow within the past 48 hours.

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The Safer Seas and Rivers Service app alerts water quality issues linked to CSO spills, heavy rainfall and other pollution incidents at over 370 locations across the UK.

When untreated sewage and wastewater is discharged from a sewer overflow, Safer Seas and River Service are automatically notified by the water company which then issues a real-time sewage alert to the app.

The app shows that Caswell central and Langland west are experiencing issues relating to pollution.

Two weeks ago, people were warned not to swim in the sea at Swansea Bay after sewage discharge.

Natural Resources Wales says there were concerns the discharge may affect water quality at the designated bathing water in Swansea Bay, and as a precaution, people are being advised not to bathe at the beach while the problem is ongoing.

Sarah Bennett, Environment Officer, Natural Resources Wales, has explained why the situation has appeared in Langland and Caswell, she said: “A discharge of what appears to be sewage coming from an unknown source is entering the River Tawe near Swansea City Centre.

“There are concerns this may affect the water quality on the river Tawe and Swansea Bay. As a precaution people are being advised by Swansea Council not to enter the water while the problem is ongoing. As the bathing season (15 May to 30 September) has now come to an end, NRW’s monitoring of the water quality at the Swansea Bay designated bathing water, in front of the slip by the Guildhall has now stopped.

“We are working with local agencies who are assisting to find the source of the pollution within the complex network of underground streams that drain into the river Tawe from the dense urban areas of the city.”

In July, twelve Welsh beaches were claimed to be badly affected by sewer overflow pollution, Langland and Caswell both experienced sewage pollution due to a Storm Evert, causing sewage system overflows. You can read more about that here.

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